offering the best price per head outsourcing service on the market is a price per head in Costa Rica and a noble institution within the price per head outsourcing service industry. Our main objectives are to provide onshore agents with offshore bookie solutions, pay per head software and general bookmaker services of the highest quality for a very acceptable pay per head weekly fee.

We have been successfully providing an outstanding price per head outsourcing service to independent bookies for more than 10 years now. Because we are a price per head in Costa Rica, we count with an offshore call center, which means that we work under the legal gambling laws of this Central American country and not the ones of the United States.

This allows us to provide our price per head sportsbook services in a more relaxed and lawful way. When a bookie signs up with our online sports betting software company, the pay per head software, the offshore bookie solutions and the rest of the data processing management features which we will grant him will be legal. This is a strong reason for bookies to start working with our headcount sportsbook as soon as possible.

As you might well know, the competition for gaining new clients and retaining existing ones is fierce among bookmakers. Therefore, it is essential to rely on good pay per head bookie services like the ones provided by because sports bettors will do businesses with the bookie that can offer them the best customer service attention. When dealing with our pph shop, a sports agent will be more than satisfied with the type of outsource bookmaking solutions which his clients are getting. They will be giving him enough positive feedback so the bookie can feel that he took the right decision when handling his sports betting operation to us. If you want your customers to start receiving superior client-attention solutions while you enjoy powerful sports betting management features, call now at 1-877-222-3915 and let us be the institution that can help your business to grow fast.

~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on June 22, 2009.

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