Leonardo Di Caprio and the Costa Rica Sportsbook Story

A movie about the underground casino and poker online industry starring the veteran actor Leonardo DiCaprio, known for very good performances in box office hits such as The Aviator and The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt as well as for his previous long term relationship with famous super model Giselle Bundchen now enters the sportsbetting world through this new movie project.

From the writers of Ocean’s Thirteen and parallel with DiCaprio and Paramount Pictures a new potential saga based on the Costa Rica poker, casino and offshore sportsbetting industries, a yet untitled pitch from Brian Koppelman and David Levien that takes place in the world of Costa Rica-based online casinos and Leonardo DiCaprio will join them in the adventure.

There are really no details about the story itself, so far we can only count with this very interesting mix of talent among DiCaprio, Paramount and writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien who have portrayed a similar underground casino and illegal betting related story in their debut script: “Rounders,” starred Edward Norton and Matt Damon as high-stakes players in the underground poker scene. This for sure sounds as an extension of the theme, given the fact that Costa Rica poker, their online casinos and the very well known outsource sportsbook services (commonly known as price per head service) have been around for way more than a decade, making Costa Rica online casino businesses paradise for sportsbetting and gambling.

The sportsbetting industry set up their businesses over 15 years ago in paradise like locations such as Panama and Belize, but Costa Rica sportsbooks have became the most profitable throughout the years, given the fact that through a price per head service, agents can run a legal business without being hassled by their government, since they are only hiring outsourced call center services. Costa Rica provides staffing mostly because the sportsbook business is so old there now that hiring trained personnel is rather common and it is quite easy to find bilingual applicants all over the country.

It is not surprising to find a good story for a movie in the Costa Rica poker and online casino markets: most of the bookmakers have run their sportsbook business underground for years before they set up their well established companies there. Leonardo DiCaprio is also very familiar with such thematic, not to mention the previous experience of the Ocean’s Thirteen writers. Paramount Pictures has sure made a wise decision including this script into their upcoming projects and although huge expectations rise, offshore sportsbetting and casino industries are good material for a drama, underground casino or not.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on June 19, 2009.

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