What Players Can Expect from a Sportsbook Call Center

When a bookmaker decides to outsource bookmaking using pay per head services, he is making a big commitment that the sportsbook call center should not take lightly. The call center needs to respect that this is a big move for the bookmaker and deliver excellent service or else they run the risk of going out of business very quickly. Outsource call centers need to be at the top of their games.

At our sportsbook call center, we take pride in knowing that we do deliver on our promise to provide the highest quality service. When you start using our pay per head services, you can be sure that your clients are in good hands.

When your players call our sportsbook call center, they will speak to only the most professional call center agents. All of our clerks come from a background in the sportsbook industry. This is important as experienced clerks know the correct terminology and procedures for betting. The player will then feel comfortable in dealing with the call center agents.

Our call center agents also speak perfect English. As opposed to other outsource call centers located in foreign countries such as India; our turkey sportsbook is located in Costa Rica. This is a major advantage because many people in Costa Rica speak English at an advanced level. Costa Rica also abolished its’ army over fifty years ago so they have a lot more money to invest in education. The educational system is one of the best in Latin America. With such high quality labor available, we can guarantee the best clerks in the business. We have a large staff so that we can always handle the volume of callers that we have.

Many outsource call centers have large staffs but players still experience problems reaching them. Why is this? It’s because their technology is not up to par. We utilize the most modern technology so that our phones and website are always available. They can simply never go down as our backups are strong and abundant. Several phone lines are available so that if one gets full or goes down, we still have many more. We have several web servers to ensure our customers are always able to place bets online.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on April 18, 2009.

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