provides the most sophisticated bookmaking software hosting services

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When you join, you are handing your business over to the top price per head global sports betting solutions provider. As part of the pay per head sportsbook services provided by our turnkey solutions provider, you will receive local bookie outsourcing service and free price per head web design. This allows bookmakers the opportunity to have their own domain name with a fully customizable site where their clients can come and bet online at any time.

The free price per head web design for a local bookie outsourcing service can be chosen by the bookie himself. This allows sports agents to feel comfortable when presenting their new site to their current clients. We at are proud of also offering secure voice and data solutions which give bookies the opportunity to enhance their businesses with superior price per head global solutions. They can have all these solutions for an affordable price per head outsourcing service fee.

We make no distinction between bookies. It doesn’t matter if they are handling 10 or 1000 customers, our secure voice and data solutions services and our price per head global solutions are designed to provide satisfaction to all of our customers, regardless of the size of their operation. When you allow our price per head sportsbook to run your sports betting business, you will be making the most important decision concerning your progression as a bookmaker because bookmaker solutions are necessary nowadays due to players’ constant demand for better customer service.

Our per head agents are ready to start serving your clients while you can begin to enjoy our innovative bookie software. This software was designed to make the life of a bookmaker easier by offering useful and interesting reports that allow a better and more detailed understanding of what is going on in the individual accounts of each bookie’s client. If you want to take advantage of all price per head sportsbook services which can offer you, please dial 1-866-PPH-5202 and speak with one of our representatives today. It would be our pleasure to help make you the most successful bookie possible.

Advertisements offering the best price per head outsourcing service on the market

•June 22, 2009 • Leave a Comment is a price per head in Costa Rica and a noble institution within the price per head outsourcing service industry. Our main objectives are to provide onshore agents with offshore bookie solutions, pay per head software and general bookmaker services of the highest quality for a very acceptable pay per head weekly fee.

We have been successfully providing an outstanding price per head outsourcing service to independent bookies for more than 10 years now. Because we are a price per head in Costa Rica, we count with an offshore call center, which means that we work under the legal gambling laws of this Central American country and not the ones of the United States.

This allows us to provide our price per head sportsbook services in a more relaxed and lawful way. When a bookie signs up with our online sports betting software company, the pay per head software, the offshore bookie solutions and the rest of the data processing management features which we will grant him will be legal. This is a strong reason for bookies to start working with our headcount sportsbook as soon as possible.

As you might well know, the competition for gaining new clients and retaining existing ones is fierce among bookmakers. Therefore, it is essential to rely on good pay per head bookie services like the ones provided by because sports bettors will do businesses with the bookie that can offer them the best customer service attention. When dealing with our pph shop, a sports agent will be more than satisfied with the type of outsource bookmaking solutions which his clients are getting. They will be giving him enough positive feedback so the bookie can feel that he took the right decision when handling his sports betting operation to us. If you want your customers to start receiving superior client-attention solutions while you enjoy powerful sports betting management features, call now at 1-877-222-3915 and let us be the institution that can help your business to grow fast.

Leonardo Di Caprio and the Costa Rica Sportsbook Story

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A movie about the underground casino and poker online industry starring the veteran actor Leonardo DiCaprio, known for very good performances in box office hits such as The Aviator and The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt as well as for his previous long term relationship with famous super model Giselle Bundchen now enters the sportsbetting world through this new movie project.

From the writers of Ocean’s Thirteen and parallel with DiCaprio and Paramount Pictures a new potential saga based on the Costa Rica poker, casino and offshore sportsbetting industries, a yet untitled pitch from Brian Koppelman and David Levien that takes place in the world of Costa Rica-based online casinos and Leonardo DiCaprio will join them in the adventure.

There are really no details about the story itself, so far we can only count with this very interesting mix of talent among DiCaprio, Paramount and writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien who have portrayed a similar underground casino and illegal betting related story in their debut script: “Rounders,” starred Edward Norton and Matt Damon as high-stakes players in the underground poker scene. This for sure sounds as an extension of the theme, given the fact that Costa Rica poker, their online casinos and the very well known outsource sportsbook services (commonly known as price per head service) have been around for way more than a decade, making Costa Rica online casino businesses paradise for sportsbetting and gambling.

The sportsbetting industry set up their businesses over 15 years ago in paradise like locations such as Panama and Belize, but Costa Rica sportsbooks have became the most profitable throughout the years, given the fact that through a price per head service, agents can run a legal business without being hassled by their government, since they are only hiring outsourced call center services. Costa Rica provides staffing mostly because the sportsbook business is so old there now that hiring trained personnel is rather common and it is quite easy to find bilingual applicants all over the country.

It is not surprising to find a good story for a movie in the Costa Rica poker and online casino markets: most of the bookmakers have run their sportsbook business underground for years before they set up their well established companies there. Leonardo DiCaprio is also very familiar with such thematic, not to mention the previous experience of the Ocean’s Thirteen writers. Paramount Pictures has sure made a wise decision including this script into their upcoming projects and although huge expectations rise, offshore sportsbetting and casino industries are good material for a drama, underground casino or not.

What your players are missing if you, as a bookie, don’t outsource to a PPH shop

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If you are a bookie, and you have not considered outsourcing your betting business then you definitely do not know that you are probably missing one of the best opportunities to grow in such an immense industry, especially if the place where you are residing has pre-established rules against wagering. Hiring the service of an outsource sportsbook is not illegal since the location of it is in a country where the government allows offline and online betting.

Outsourcing to a pay per head shop brings many benefits to the bookie since it offers many different features that can be available to your clients, but it especially provides you with the chance to expand your betting business and actually be someone who can get clients, depending on the critics from players about the services they are getting when wagering. Having a reputation is everything in this commerce since you cannot just go out there and introduce yourself as a bookie or advertise your services at all if you are in a country like the United States where it is illegal to manage online and offline betting, and keeping a low profile is important in order to continue with the industry you are involved in.

Hiring a pay per head shop is the best way to keep your clients happy with the service. It provides a great customer service and will always ensure that no line is ever going to be busy but instead always opened for wagering calls and trained clerks who will always give the necessary help. It also counts with software which is exclusively used for the betting business, and that includes some amazing reports for both the agent and the player and it is useful for managing wagering and the statistics of the losses and the wins of each other.

A bookie with all this knowledge will never turn down an opportunity like that if they are willing to grow with the help of a pay per head shop that is going to provide you with what is necessary in order to give you a great reputation within your clients and the possible future player they recommend you with.

Why Us?

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Simply put, we provide the best PPH bookie outsourcing services. However, you of course still want to know why. It’s because we will allow your bookie business to grow and flourish AND do all the work for you! We can make this dream, which it is to most bookies, become reality. How do we do this?

We can follow through on our claim to be the best in providing PPH bookie outsourcing services because of several things. First, we have invested a great deal of money into our cutting edge technology which puts us light years ahead of our competition. Your players can always place bets via phone or internet and our systems will never go down. The onshore agents can always check their reports as well. Second, our staff is the best in the bookie business. They are experienced in the bookmaking industry and speak fluent English. We also have outbound customer service representatives who speak Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese. Third, we have excellent sports betting software that is tailored to onshore agents.

For players, our sportsbook call center provides many benefits. They can place bets twenty four hours a day and seven days a week through our toll free number or through our website. Our professional staff is always on call to answer any questions or problems they have. We even have a live chat feature on our website. They can bet on almost any sports event that is going using a variety of types of bets. There is also an online casino to allow players even more options.

Onshore agents also receive a plethora of benefits. Most importantly, they can sit back and relax while we do all the work for them. They don’t have to be stressed worrying about legal issues because all betting is being done in a legal offshore call center. They can also focus their time and energy on finding new clients so that their bookie business can grow and they can make even more money.

We are so far ahead of the competition that we feel completely confident in offering a free trial period. Try our PPH bookie outsourcing services out and we’re sure you’ll want to move your clients here.

Price per Head Outsource betting grows nonstop

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If there are some undisputable things in life, the fact that people love to bet is definitely one of them and this has been going on for ages now. Betting is a tradition and it has gone through some classic stages of evolution, up to the point we are know, the prime of Price per Head Outsource betting, a concept developed not many years ago in response to the massive appearance of online sportsbooks.

Online sportsbooks threatened to run traditional bookies out of business, since they would not be able to compete against the technology and security of an offshore operation with major investment, but this is how the online sportsbook per head service was created, as a way to cater to small guys needs through an Offshore Outsourcing Call Center.

Price per head, or price per player as it is also commonly called, came to the rescue of small bookies that needed to find a way to keep up their business by offering technology, efficiency and security to their clients, instead of losing them to online giants.

Price per Head Outsource betting is basically a service that provides the bookie with their own personal Offshore Outsourcing Call Center and many other tools such as per head sports betting software that allows them to present an online sportsbook to their gamblers without making them put their money against the company.

A price per head solution gives bookies the confidence of dealing with secure PPH voice and data solutions that guarantee safety and a professional service, while still maintaining control over the money that is being moved. The Price Per Head Call Center Provider basically takes care of receiving bets, offering costumer service and handing out reports to bookies, while making money off a fee charged for each player that bets.

An online sportsbook per head service is without a doubt one of the best tools for the modern bookie and it has proven to all of those who said the traditional bookmakers where on their way to extinction that no such thing is going to happen as long as Price per Head Outsource betting is thriving.

Why a multilingual PPH shop can help you expand your business

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Many bookmakers are very good at what they do; therefore, they decide to expand their business. A great option in order to do that is to hire a pay per head shop, which will provide you with some of the best services available in the market, which of course, depends on the sportsbook services you are taking. It is very important to know that you should do a research before hiring the services of any company because there might be something better out there for your betting business. Always make sure that what you want is what you get, that will help you be successful at what you are looking for.

If growing your business is what you are willing to do, then there are certainly many alternatives for bookmakers to choose from. Amplifying your betting options is a good strategy, if you are only focusing on football bets, for example, you may want to start taking all sports in mind; however, a great tactic is to look for a multilingual pay per head shop. You may be wondering why though. Counting on a multilingual customer service will help you strengthen your betting business.

Counting on English speaking clerks who are clear and understandable is a great deal because when players do their wagering calls and find it easy to acquire the service, they will surely call again; but having clerks who speak other languages as well will help you expand you betting business since you will be opening your bets to a greater public because not everybody speaks English even if it is almost a universal language already. Most bookmakers develop this service in order to get better profits since most of other people want to bet but are not able to because of speaking limits they have and the customer service do not provide them with solutions.

Being alert of what is happening in the betting market is very important so you know the things that will help you improve your betting business. A multilingual pay per head shop will give you these kinds of benefits, however, being careful is the number one rule in this business, because a bad inversion means wasting money.