Price per Head Outsource betting grows nonstop

If there are some undisputable things in life, the fact that people love to bet is definitely one of them and this has been going on for ages now. Betting is a tradition and it has gone through some classic stages of evolution, up to the point we are know, the prime of Price per Head Outsource betting, a concept developed not many years ago in response to the massive appearance of online sportsbooks.

Online sportsbooks threatened to run traditional bookies out of business, since they would not be able to compete against the technology and security of an offshore operation with major investment, but this is how the online sportsbook per head service was created, as a way to cater to small guys needs through an Offshore Outsourcing Call Center.

Price per head, or price per player as it is also commonly called, came to the rescue of small bookies that needed to find a way to keep up their business by offering technology, efficiency and security to their clients, instead of losing them to online giants.

Price per Head Outsource betting is basically a service that provides the bookie with their own personal Offshore Outsourcing Call Center and many other tools such as per head sports betting software that allows them to present an online sportsbook to their gamblers without making them put their money against the company.

A price per head solution gives bookies the confidence of dealing with secure PPH voice and data solutions that guarantee safety and a professional service, while still maintaining control over the money that is being moved. The Price Per Head Call Center Provider basically takes care of receiving bets, offering costumer service and handing out reports to bookies, while making money off a fee charged for each player that bets.

An online sportsbook per head service is without a doubt one of the best tools for the modern bookie and it has proven to all of those who said the traditional bookmakers where on their way to extinction that no such thing is going to happen as long as Price per Head Outsource betting is thriving.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on April 20, 2009.

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