provides the most sophisticated bookmaking software hosting services

When you join, you are handing your business over to the top price per head global sports betting solutions provider. As part of the pay per head sportsbook services provided by our turnkey solutions provider, you will receive local bookie outsourcing service and free price per head web design. This allows bookmakers the opportunity to have their own domain name with a fully customizable site where their clients can come and bet online at any time.

The free price per head web design for a local bookie outsourcing service can be chosen by the bookie himself. This allows sports agents to feel comfortable when presenting their new site to their current clients. We at are proud of also offering secure voice and data solutions which give bookies the opportunity to enhance their businesses with superior price per head global solutions. They can have all these solutions for an affordable price per head outsourcing service fee.

We make no distinction between bookies. It doesn’t matter if they are handling 10 or 1000 customers, our secure voice and data solutions services and our price per head global solutions are designed to provide satisfaction to all of our customers, regardless of the size of their operation. When you allow our price per head sportsbook to run your sports betting business, you will be making the most important decision concerning your progression as a bookmaker because bookmaker solutions are necessary nowadays due to players’ constant demand for better customer service.

Our per head agents are ready to start serving your clients while you can begin to enjoy our innovative bookie software. This software was designed to make the life of a bookmaker easier by offering useful and interesting reports that allow a better and more detailed understanding of what is going on in the individual accounts of each bookie’s client. If you want to take advantage of all price per head sportsbook services which can offer you, please dial 1-866-PPH-5202 and speak with one of our representatives today. It would be our pleasure to help make you the most successful bookie possible.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on June 22, 2009.

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