What Players Can Expect from a Sportsbook Call Center

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When a bookmaker decides to outsource bookmaking using pay per head services, he is making a big commitment that the sportsbook call center should not take lightly. The call center needs to respect that this is a big move for the bookmaker and deliver excellent service or else they run the risk of going out of business very quickly. Outsource call centers need to be at the top of their games.

At our sportsbook call center, we take pride in knowing that we do deliver on our promise to provide the highest quality service. When you start using our pay per head services, you can be sure that your clients are in good hands.

When your players call our sportsbook call center, they will speak to only the most professional call center agents. All of our clerks come from a background in the sportsbook industry. This is important as experienced clerks know the correct terminology and procedures for betting. The player will then feel comfortable in dealing with the call center agents.

Our call center agents also speak perfect English. As opposed to other outsource call centers located in foreign countries such as India; our turkey sportsbook is located in Costa Rica. This is a major advantage because many people in Costa Rica speak English at an advanced level. Costa Rica also abolished its’ army over fifty years ago so they have a lot more money to invest in education. The educational system is one of the best in Latin America. With such high quality labor available, we can guarantee the best clerks in the business. We have a large staff so that we can always handle the volume of callers that we have.

Many outsource call centers have large staffs but players still experience problems reaching them. Why is this? It’s because their technology is not up to par. We utilize the most modern technology so that our phones and website are always available. They can simply never go down as our backups are strong and abundant. Several phone lines are available so that if one gets full or goes down, we still have many more. We have several web servers to ensure our customers are always able to place bets online.


Offshore call center might be your solution

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The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was the beginning of the new path to enforce your business. A lot of sportsboook were closed as well online casinos.

At the same time people who had an account with these sportsbooks and casinos lost their money. Everything regarding with gambling seems to return to the “old school” way of wagering, which means “I need to find a bookie”.

Here is when you are taking the control, but at the same time you notice that you might need a little bit of help. Too much ticket writting, a lot of grading and of course watching the events. Pay per head offshore service sportsbook, is offering you a break meanwhile you are expanding your clientele. Let us do the rest. Legislation and jurisdiction are not a problem anymore, because we are located in Costa Rica. Besides you are the one who is paying for your clients to receive pay per head services, as a bookmaker you will find a great relief and satisfaction knowing that your clientele is comfortably attended by our professional 24/7 Customer Service.

It’s possible that you will find more pay per head offshore services, some of them are cheaper with a low profile since their lack of experience and poor costumer service, but if you are looking for safety, confidence, security, privacy and convenience so you finally find the right place to develop your business. Price per head.com, the difference from other PPH services was established since day one. We are improving our performance online with daily updates in our blogs were you can find and be sure why this place fits you so well.

Did it ever came to your mind about increasing your gross money with the online casino,

and of course not only the money but also your clients. Here’s the chance. Price per head.com offers you all the casino games including horse racing.

Definitely, offshore call center is the smart decision and the right path to increase your gambling and wagering business, don’t hesitate in contacting us for more information, then you will notice why we are the best.

Bet taking services are the best tool for a successful bookie

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Bet taking services are growing in number and quality as the expectations and needs of gamblers become more complex and the bookies that are realizing this are the ones who are looking for innovative solutions to upgrade their operations and are certainly the ones who are thriving in this business.

Online sportsbook per head service is one of the tools that has gained a reputation for being a true advantage to bookies looking to expand their operations and give their costumers a service that they hadn’t experienced before, definitely one of the best bet taking services ever seen and constantly improving itself with technology and innovation.

Online sportsbook per head service offers several advantages to gamblers that an individual bookie is otherwise incapable of providing, such as 24/7 pay per head services, which means that a bookie’s client is taken care of at any moment for whatever they need on whatever sport or bet they are having doubts about.

Having the certainty that a long trusting client is well taken care of through a gambling call center, with security and efficiency, is priceless, well it actually has a price, but bet taking services are priced quite cheap in comparison to the benefits obtained for the well being of a business built on hard work and trust.

Another benefit that bookies obtain is the ability to offer online betting to their costumers, a trend that is becoming popular because of its ease to use and convenience in a digital world. Many per head for sports betting and gambling services offer amenities like a free price per head website for each individual bookie.

With free price per head web design bookies are able to personalize their websites to offer whatever options they prefer among the one available, with the discretion offered by a well build and designed website, but with the exposure that only the internet is able to give this days.

Bookie software services offshore are also a big part of the success that this enterprise has had, because of the convenience that bookies obtain by receiving printed or mailed reports on their action, so definitely any bookie that prides him or herself on taking special care of their clients and their business is now counting on new technologies to provide a world class service.

How to spot a bad pay per head company

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Are you ready to outsource your sportsbook business? That is great! But don’t just go ahead and hire any pay per head company without running a proper screening. There are ways to spot fakes and lousy pay per head companies that are all over the place ready to take your money for really no good reason; this is how you spot them:

The first thing that should a raise a concern is the price per head fee they carry: offshore online wagering facilities need to offer several different services and these services cost money, do not trust a cheap pay per head company, you will probably get a cheap service in most cases.

A professional outsource sportsbook company will do basically everything for you: from balancing the wager book to move the lines for your players, they should be very professional and clear about the way they do business.

Another thing you need to check is their hardware capacities: does the pay per head company you are thinking of hiring has enough servers? What about bandwidth? Do they only have voice over IP for their sportsbook call center or do they also have satellites? All these questions are important and they should be able to answer them positively.

A professional outsource sportsbook should also have a detailed back up plan in case of emergencies, there should be no excuse to deny service at all whether it is online or through the offshore sportsbook call center.

As you can see there are several easy ways to spot a trustable company where you know your players are treated professionally and where your business is safe. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you are looking to hire a pay per head company, after is your name on the line, and they should be able to comply with all your expectations as a bookmaker.

Moving sports betting lines, another great feature of turnkey solutions providers

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When you start to deal with a turnkey solutions provider, you will find out that the people behind it is truly sports-knowledgeable and will grant you the privilege of voiding having to be pending of every single sporting event and player in order to balance your own sports betting lines.

In fact, pay per head shops run their own lines which are handled and twisted continuously to favor the bookie whom is the pph shop’s client and the one who pays them, therefore, it is the price per head shop‘s responsibility to help the bookmaker to make good cash week after week. Sports agents are also allowed to twist their own sports betting lines using the pph software granted by the pph shop, but this can only be done with the previous consent of the pay per head services provider and under the sole responsibility from the bookie.

Since turnkey solutions providers handles the sports wagering lines for every bookie who’s doing businesses with them, they also have people who’s main purpose is to be pending of everything concerning sports: players, games, championships and others. These specialized individuals will, for example, know beforehand the weather conditions for a certain match, they will also know if a key player is sick and will not play, etc.

With this valuable information, line movers at pph shops can twist sports betting lines in a more efficient way in order to give the bookie full advantage over the bets his clients are placing, so, as a consequence, the sports agent gains more free time and free himself from stress as he will not have to be on top of every single sporting event to run a successful bookmaking operation. Moving lines is a determining factor in the sports betting world, and if bookmakers can handle such great responsibility to the people at a turnkey solutions provider, the more proficient their businesses will become.

Goodbye ticket writing – Hello Online bookmaker solutions

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Old school bookies keep changing the way they run their credit bookmaking business just as times change too. Sportsbook wagering resources are more advanced every day, offering sports agents a wide variety of tools to simplify their work. With the technology of a Turnkey solutions provider, the old days of betting ticket writing and doing everything by yourself are over.

The Pay Per Head service was created to give land based bookmakers the opportunity of managing their offshore sports gambling operation, but reducing the elevated costs that would take them to build their own sportsbook, giving maintenance and hiring staff. Many years ago, the sports agent had to handle everything and take all his players’ action by hand, and spent hours on the phone to keep his business running. That was the only way to do it if he wanted to get some profit out of the sports betting activity. Now, you can rent a sportsbook offshore and let others do the hard work.

The best turnkey solutions provider will offer different options for the bookies to offer to their players: custom sportsbook websites; an offshore sports betting call center with highly skilled representatives; security measures to protect sensitive information, low exposure, and an innovative sportsbook agent software that is continuously upgraded according to the latest trends. Sports betting players will constantly look for easiest ways to place their sports wagers and will choose the options that grant them privacy, comfort and security. If you as their bookmaker can’t provide what they need to be satisfied with the service, they will probably go somewhere else to get it. Are you willing to lose your customers for not being up-to-date with your business?

Even though there are many sports bookies out there that still prefer to stick to the old-school sports betting system. But as technology keeps bringing more ideas to simplify your life and work, you will run into good opportunities to step up your game and take your sportsbook lease operation to a top level.

Top 10 things you should know about the Price per Head industry

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When decided to buy the service of a pay per head shop, there are many considerations that should be taken in mind before hiring the pay per head services of a bookmaker sportsbook. Do not let yourself be attracted to one that has eye-catching offers because it may just not be the most convenient place to be in charge of your betting business. Always look for what you need and what is important for your business. In order to do that, here is a list of things that may help you realize what the best pay per head shop is.

If you are shopping for a bookmarket service, make sure that what they offer is what you need. What do you find necessary for your betting business? We are sure that you do not want your hired company to go down because of a problem, so you might want to check the kind of backup plans they are offering if a problem such as loss of power occurs. An easy to understand betting program is important too, test the bookie software the pay per head shop is working with, and find out if it is going to work for you and your players; also; make sure that the agent and player reports provided by this software are what you need for your online wagering.

The customer service is very important in this betting business; clients should be treated nicely and with respect. Pay per head services will provide you with the clerks you need, make sure that they are fluent in the language, because a client that finds it hard to understand the clerk is not likely to call again. Phones should always be answered, and that is why you will probably want a pay per head shop that offers a 24/7 service which can be able to provide the client with the best online wagering solutions and more.

The service offered should also include the option of designing your own website the way you ask it for. Look for pay per head services which create customized websites for you, that will definitely help you expand your online wagering business. It is important to look at the price ranges they have, but remember that the cheapest offer is not always the best, so be careful when choosing. Some companies will allow you to try it for free first, pay attention for those services, because it could be a sign that they are offering a good service and are willing to prove it.