How to spot a bad pay per head company

Are you ready to outsource your sportsbook business? That is great! But don’t just go ahead and hire any pay per head company without running a proper screening. There are ways to spot fakes and lousy pay per head companies that are all over the place ready to take your money for really no good reason; this is how you spot them:

The first thing that should a raise a concern is the price per head fee they carry: offshore online wagering facilities need to offer several different services and these services cost money, do not trust a cheap pay per head company, you will probably get a cheap service in most cases.

A professional outsource sportsbook company will do basically everything for you: from balancing the wager book to move the lines for your players, they should be very professional and clear about the way they do business.

Another thing you need to check is their hardware capacities: does the pay per head company you are thinking of hiring has enough servers? What about bandwidth? Do they only have voice over IP for their sportsbook call center or do they also have satellites? All these questions are important and they should be able to answer them positively.

A professional outsource sportsbook should also have a detailed back up plan in case of emergencies, there should be no excuse to deny service at all whether it is online or through the offshore sportsbook call center.

As you can see there are several easy ways to spot a trustable company where you know your players are treated professionally and where your business is safe. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you are looking to hire a pay per head company, after is your name on the line, and they should be able to comply with all your expectations as a bookmaker.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on April 15, 2009.

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