Goodbye ticket writing – Hello Online bookmaker solutions

Old school bookies keep changing the way they run their credit bookmaking business just as times change too. Sportsbook wagering resources are more advanced every day, offering sports agents a wide variety of tools to simplify their work. With the technology of a Turnkey solutions provider, the old days of betting ticket writing and doing everything by yourself are over.

The Pay Per Head service was created to give land based bookmakers the opportunity of managing their offshore sports gambling operation, but reducing the elevated costs that would take them to build their own sportsbook, giving maintenance and hiring staff. Many years ago, the sports agent had to handle everything and take all his players’ action by hand, and spent hours on the phone to keep his business running. That was the only way to do it if he wanted to get some profit out of the sports betting activity. Now, you can rent a sportsbook offshore and let others do the hard work.

The best turnkey solutions provider will offer different options for the bookies to offer to their players: custom sportsbook websites; an offshore sports betting call center with highly skilled representatives; security measures to protect sensitive information, low exposure, and an innovative sportsbook agent software that is continuously upgraded according to the latest trends. Sports betting players will constantly look for easiest ways to place their sports wagers and will choose the options that grant them privacy, comfort and security. If you as their bookmaker can’t provide what they need to be satisfied with the service, they will probably go somewhere else to get it. Are you willing to lose your customers for not being up-to-date with your business?

Even though there are many sports bookies out there that still prefer to stick to the old-school sports betting system. But as technology keeps bringing more ideas to simplify your life and work, you will run into good opportunities to step up your game and take your sportsbook lease operation to a top level.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on April 13, 2009.

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