Sportsbook Website?

There are many advantages for a bookie to move his bookie business to an offshore gambling company. His clients will have a more enjoyable and more convenient experience placing their bets, either online or by calling a toll free number. He will save time by not having to take the bets himself. All the information he needs will be provided by the sportsbook software which shows him detailed reports of his players’ activities. There is one more thing that is a huge benefit to a bookie business.

That thing that can really benefit a bookie business by leaps and bounds is a personalized website. At our outsource sportsbook, we will do this for you and for free! A personalized website is the key to making your business look professional and well maintained. Your clients will be able to access it through the internet and actually place bets right there. This is extremely convenient for them and will make them very happy. Your website will give off the impression that you actually have a large sportsbook call center when in fact you don’t have to pay for any of the overhead. This saves you a lot of money as an internet bookmaker while you can still offer all the same services as if you were to own your own sportsbook call center.

We have an in-house design department that can customize a website specifically for you using specialized sportsbook software. You can choose among a variety of backgrounds which include pictures of various sports such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, racing, and horseracing. You can also choose among various layouts to make your page look exactly as you want it.

Your personal website will also contain a personal toll free number. This is important as your clients can call for no charge to place their bets. They will feel they are dealing with a very professional sportsbook call center. You won’t have to deal with a thing as the phone number rings directly to our offices and we handle all clients. You only need to sit back, check player activity online through our sportsbook software reports and collect money as needed. Sign up for pay per head services today and start living the high life!


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on April 11, 2009.

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