Low operational costs and privacy, two elements for which pay per head shops are praised

Why going to Vegas to create your own sportsbook establishment or why moving overseas to a place like Antigua in Guatemala or the Bahamas in order to open up an online offshore sportsbook operation when you can continue to do business right from where you are located now, and even enjoying of more professional privacy than the one you had experienced so far? Sounds like a huge question, but the answer is simple: pay per head services. Yes, by affiliating himself to a pay per head shop, a bookmaker can start offering his clients a better service without the need of spending a lot of money in a fully-operational sportsbook business and without the need of relocating.

Costs ! If we talk about the costs involved in creating an sportsbook from scratch, we can say that it might take more than what a bookie initially thinks: first, infrastructure, then a functional phone system, also a group of technicians to handle internet-related matters, buying computers, paying taxes either at Vegas or to the country where the offshore operation is to be established, etc.

Now it’s time to talk about privacy: This is an element that plays a lot when it comes to the bookmaker‘s success because it is not in the interest of the sports agent to be ‘too public’, so the more private his business, the more wagerers that will approach him because sports bettors also enjoy maintaining their gambling habits as personal as possible.

And by using pay per head services, the bookie will actually not have that much contact with his customers, therefore he can do business in a safe way from wherever he is because his clients will be dealing mostly with the pay per head shop for all of their betting matters. Combine the elements of privacy and low costs and you’ll be talking about pay per head shops.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on April 9, 2009.

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