Backup: the best Bookie Software providers’ secret

There is nothing more important than being able to provide the best offshore call center service and a neat online sportsbook experience at the right time. On critical moments like NFL football betting or NBA playoffs, turnkey sportsbook solutions include being aware of if and getting ready for any eventuality.

Even with the best technology, the latest sportsbook software upgrades and a great customer service over the phone, there are certain unexpected events that could cause your Price Per Head agent operation to collapse: not having enough capacity to get the calls from all your sports gambling players, problems with the web servers and data bases that provide the information necessary for your players to make their bets. Even a simple power failure could mean significant losses to a credit bookmaker if the turnkey sportsbook service doesn’t have a way to ensure permanent function.

Having a strong backup for your bookie software and call center outsourcing is one of the biggest advantages you can get when choosing a turnkey website on a per head fee. The top Price Per Head services will offer solid backup options prepared for any kinds of situations: different sources for the phone betting lines, different internet providers (including satellite) in case one goes down, servers dedicated to back up the existing data base servers and websites (including servers outside the physical location to remain up in case something happens in that area), and of course heavy-duty generators to avoid electricity issues affecting your players’ sports betting activity at any time. The best data processing companies out there will include generators able to provide up to 12 hours of electricity during blackout on location.

Your credit bookmaking operation needs to be safe with a wagering management software provider able to support your business. Before choosing the best turnkey sportsbook solutions ask around and do some research: having specific details about the technical aspects and backup options will let you know where your headcount sportsbook will be safer and where you can offer better quality to your customers. This will guarantee you an always-growing business with an always-growing profit.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on April 8, 2009.

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