800 Numbers: Another Added Feature from PPH Shops

When you sign up for an account with a determined PPH shop, you are assuring your clients and yourself of a wide range of services which are also offered by the big time sports books out there, but just for a small pay per head fee (weekly based).


One of those benefits is 800 numbers.


Once everything has been setup with the price per head shop, they will provide you with a personal 800 number which you can then pass to your clients so they can call the offshore call center for the PPH shop. This way, your clients can make their bets comfortably without the need of working with local phone numbers, which do not provide the security that neither you, nor the people who do business with you, are looking for.


It is also easier for people to remember an 800 number of a price per head shop as they only need to remember the last series of numbers in the toll free number.


Does a PPH shop really provide this number for free? Yes, just as when you call the 800 number of a big corporation, you are free of charge, it will be the same thing for your clients. They can call-in with their bets and they will not have to pay a penny for the call.


The 800 number is included in the final pay per head weekly fixed price that the price per head shop will charge you.  There are no “extra” charges for the calls your customers makes.  You can be sure of that. 

You will surely look more professional as well using an offshore call center because a toll free 800 number is perceived as belonging to a large business operation.  When you begin business with a new customer, you simply pay per head and you provide him with the 800 number that is a sign for the client to stay with you as he will see that you are not using your own number or a cell phone number.  You will gain a lot of credibility, and in the world of sports betting, trust is something that is hard to gain for a bookie due to the large amount of competition.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on April 3, 2009.

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