Retaining your sports betting players with an offshore sportsbook

Maintaining a bookmaking business is a task that demands a lot of attention from the bookie who is handling it, and because of that he ends up missing the best things in life, and for the lack of time that is a constant among independent bookies there is also an outstanding alternative known as Pay Per Head sportsbooks.


Pay a weekly fee for each one of your clients and you will obtain innovative and concise solutions for your bookmaking operation.


Keeping a fully operational sports betting business takes not only a monetary effort but also a physical demand that can end up taking the best out of a person whose only purpose is making his clients happy.


Pay per head shops are aware of the serious compromise a bookie has to his clients; they also know that despite they try to do as much as they can to come up with satisfactory client attention, it’s sometimes impossible due to limited human effort. In other words, a bookmaking operation that does not count with a good number of clerks to take bets, people who handle bookmaking lines and take overall care of everything involved in the sportsbetting process is set to fail.


So a little investment in hiring the services of a turnkey sportsbook is what can grant a bookie the benefit of throwing all that burden, anxiety and stress resulting from handling a demanding professional betting establishment aside and breath freely while all the pieces of the puzzle come together easily and efficiently thanks to the services of a price per head shop.


So, as we can see, dedication is not enough to succeed as an independent bookmaker, as third party help in the form of pph shops is what it truly provides bookies with an identity of their own, and to retain clients, a good sense of proficient customer service is needed to establish a feel of credibility, which is needed more and more nowadays.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on April 1, 2009.

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