If Favre wants back, Favre will be welcome

And here we go again. It only takes the NFL Season to end to turn Brett Favre into everyday news. The NY Jets quarterback started his usual dilemma saying he’s going to retire next year. But most of the NFL fans don’t believe him anymore. Not even his own team believes he’s actually going to retire this time.


Probably that’s the reason why Jets Coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, said publicly that if Brett Favre wants to be back next NFL Football Season, the Jets will definitely welcome him. “Why would they not want him?” is the question many NFL Jets betting fans are throwing. Favre has the skill to become his team’s hero, no matter what NFL team he’s playing with. But those who question Brett’s future skills have the right to do it, considering his age and how many years he’s been on the field now.


Brett Favre’s physical condition has been criticized several times, arguing that “it can only get worse”. Judging by the famous victory over the Patriots, Favre has still some good stuff left to show. But would the Jets have the courage to bench his star QB if his performance started to decrease? Probably not, and that’s where the team could be really affected by Favre’s need to push his career so much instead of retiring with all the glory.


Schottenheimer added that he really enjoyed coaching Brett, trying to bring down all the rumors that popped up a year ago when he didn’t seem too thrilled about having to restructure all the offensive strategy to include Favre. Acting as some sort of spokesman for the New York Jets, he says they would like having Favre back this year. Will Brett make a decision quickly, or is he going to waste some tears before realizing he just can’t quit Football?


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on February 9, 2009.

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