Steelers: Super Bowl XLIII champions

Super Bowl XLIII just took place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, and the Steelers just achieved their 6th championship ring.

With the title, the Steelers are becoming the most storied franchise in NFL history with 6 championship rings, which represents a number of titles no other team has ever conquered.

What a game! The Steelers dominated the game for the first two quarters and made the Cardinals look pretty bad, but by the fourth and the score at 20-7 favoring Pittsburgh, Arizona got back in the game and put things at 20-14 with 7:33 to play.

After that, a safety allowed the Cardinals to advance on the score and things were 20-16, at this point, and probably over the whole fourth quarter, you could felt the intensity of a Super Bowl, and is at such moments that you realize how important this game always is for the football community in general.

Then it was the time for the Steelers to seal the game with less than four minutes on the clock, but a tackle over Big Ben granted the Cardinals the possession(and the hope)one more time. Kurt Warner took advantage of such chance and threw the ball to Larry Fitzgerald, who ran for 64 yards and score a touchdown that was truly adding to the hopes of the Cardinals putting the score at 20-23.

But sadly for Arizona, those were the last points they were going to score during the 08/09 NFL season, as with just 35 seconds on the clock, and in a very tight play, Big Ben threw a touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes and score a touchdown, which along the final kick, gave Pittsburgh a very well deserved championship title.

Congratulations to the current NFL super bowl champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the current best team at the NFL.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on February 4, 2009.

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