Soccer in the USA

Soccer, yes football soccer in the United States is just starting to be more appreciated now than just a few years ago when the MLS was just starting to give its first steps in the competitive sporting world of the USA.

At the beginning, it was mostly the Latin American community the one that found the MLS interesting, but as the time has passed and as the football of both the MLS and that one of the USA national soccer team has improved considerable, more and more people of the Caucasian community is also starting to assist more to MLS games.

The arrival of David Beckham and other renown internal soccer super stars to the MLS has open the commercial doors of the MLS to the world in general. Sure, the Los Angeles Galaxy was not just expecting for Beckham to produce goals and good plays, I’m sure they paid those $200 million dollars to the Real Madrid knowing that with a money-making machine like Beckham, their investment would be recovered real soon.

The truth is that Beckham didn’t had a good team to play with him, he was used to a different and better level and was also used to be more precise with his plays because the rest of his team mates were also more precise when playing in coordination with him. But a team like the Galaxy has no quality whatsoever, therefore, it made David Beckham look like an idiot as he never produced as expected, it was more like… a total disappointment

Sure, soccer is never going to be as popular in the USA as American football, basketball or baseball, but I’m sure that soon enough, soccer is going to displace Hockey as the fourth favorite sport for the people of the United States of America.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on February 3, 2009.

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