The charm in underdogs

Sports betting is an art for those who really like to get the best out of the sports action. There are hundreds of people placing bets for plain entertainment and with no gambling strategy, while a few take the big bucks home. Why does it happen? What do they know that the masses don’t?

One of the most important little charms good sports gambling fans use is the underdog. In every game (especially popular in NFL games) there is the big chalk or favorite, the one with all the possibilities to take the victory, and on the other side is the (usually rejected) underdog, with fewer chances to win.

Most of the people go right to the favorite and bet all their money to the possible winner. We’re not saying this is a mistake, and chances are they’re actually going to win a bet or two. But the pros at sports betting know better than that. They do see the charm in the underdog: Money wise, you could get a lot more money if the dog wins than if the favorite does.

Underdogs mean better money in case of winning because it’s a bigger risk than just going for the usual favorite. Betting on underdogs can leave great profit if you have a strategy and follow the teams closely. Did you expect to see the New York Giants beat the Patriots at the last NFL Super Bowl? Just imagine how much money those die-hard Giants betting fans made. With a flawless NFL season, there wasn’t a doubt that the New England Patriots were the big betting favorites. But those who studied the Giants’ performance throughout the season and saw how fast they were growing and improving, knew it was a good time to take a chance. After all, they eliminated the Dallas Cowboys, didn’t they? That should’ve given us a good hint. That’s the key: studying your teams so you can know which scenarios are good for them to step up even if they were pointed as the dogs.

Underdogs will always bring a little risk to your sports gambling activity, but they will reward you better if you go for them. That’s why they have that charm that most of the people can’t see before placing a bet: Underdogs can change it all and surprise everyone, and if you’re wise enough, you’ll know when that will happen.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on January 20, 2009.

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