Reviewing the Titans 2008 season

With the Titans off the playoffs map, it’s time to analyze their season in detail.

Let’s start with running back Chris Johnson. The Tennessee Titans were highly criticized for picking him in the first round, but at the end Johnson proved that he was worth it, he even finished with a 4.89 yards per carry record, the best for the Titans since the team moved to Tennessee, Johnson also proved that he could take a few hits, which makes him an excellent promise for future seasons.

Another good new arrival for the Titans was Chris Carr who helped the team to improve in return games, averaging 28.1 yards per game, at the end, the Titans moved from the 27th position to the 1st. The Tennessee Titans will surely need Carr for next season, but his contract expires on February, so they should hurry up and re-sign him on time.

The Titans lost Jacob Bell to free agency and it also lost Benji Olson due to retirement, and questions emerged concerning the new replacements and how steady the team chemistry would be. At the end the line proved to be better than expected as they gave up only 12 sacks, due to such good performance, the Titans improved their running game and finished seventh on that ranking.

If there were any doubts regarding the big contracts of David Stewart and Michael Roos, their good performance proved critics wrong. Center Kevin Mawae also had an excellent season along with teammates Eugene Amano and Jake Scott. They all will be back to play with the Titans for the coming 2009 season.

All in all, the Titans finished with a great season record of 13-3 but the playoffs turned into a real nightmare for them when they saw their hopes of making it to the Super Bowl vanished as the Ravens took them down on January 10th by 13-10 and all they can be expecting, is to have a season with the same positive outcomes on 2009.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on January 16, 2009.

One Response to “Reviewing the Titans 2008 season”

  1. Last year, we were somewhat lucky to make it to the playoffs, and I think San Diego was a better team than we were. So it was definitely easier to swallow.

    Heh…I’ve been wondering the same thing. Why care so much if it leads to feeling like this year after year? But I guess that’s part of being a fan – you have to take the thrill of victory along with the agony of defeat./Cool widgets at statbeast.

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