Good Match ups for the Weekend

Planning on what to watch this weekend? While the NFL is getting closer to the most expected day of this NFL season, we have been experiencing interesting encounters this week in other sports such as hockey with the incredible aggressive behavior of Ottawa Senators Jarko Ruutu and and Romanowski expressing his wishes on coaching Denver.

This weekend we feel these are the NFL games you should follow and pay attention to:

Eagles vs. Giants

Justin Tuck did not practice last Wednesday but he will play on this Sunday football game; that might get on the way of his playing. McNabb has been proving he works better under pressure and seems to take off and run or pass on the run more when it is the bigger game. Westbrook is a favorite as one of the best backs in the NFL. I have heard some interesting comments from sports guru’s almost saying that the Eagles are pretty going to play this year’s Giants, if you know what I mean.

San Diego Chargers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Ron Rivera has made good changes for The San Diego Chargers defense and apparently they will be applying pressure on a quarterback. San Diego apparently has the advantage in this area against the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive line.

On the radio I heard that the key for the Steelers against Chargers is bottling up Darren Sproles as a returner, good luck with that one!

Last but definitely not least…

Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

In this football game, Call me crazy but I personally would put my money on Arizona; I haven’t seemed much action from the Carolina Panthers this season compared to other teams (or other football seasons for that matter), the only thing they have on their side, in my opinion if the fact that the game is going to be played at Carolina Panthers’ home. But that is just me.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on January 9, 2009.

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