Baron Davis

It’s time for the free agency at the NBA, and Baron Davis was the first player to make a move as he opted out of his contract with the Warriors just one year before the end of his contract, and so walking away of about $18 million.

Davis who grew up in LA is now with the Clippers whom are expecting to sign the right complement for David, as Elton Brand decided to sign with the Sixers instead of re-signing with LA.

The Warriors without Davis?, Well they still got Monta Ellis as Baron’s replacement, and with their recent acquisition of Corey Maggette, they will struggle to make it to the playoffs this coming NBA season.

James Posey was pretended by different teams like the Lakers and the Pistons, but he opted to leave the Celtics for the Hornets, mostly because he had a contract with Boston for a lower amount of cash than what he thought he deserved, and on July 16, 2008, he signed a 4-year deal for $25 million with New Orleans.

So this is how the main trades went, let’s see how these teams will get re-shape with new and different talent coming onboard.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on October 9, 2008.

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