More gambling regulations? Price Per Head is the solution

Every day it’s getting harder for american citizens to get their bets placed on the internet… the reason? well, there is a growing interest by the political parties about setting tougher laws that can regulate the online gambling industry in a more rigorous way.

A couple of years back, all eyes were set on bank regulations that would prevent americans from making deposits and receiving money from online gambling sites like sportsbooks offshore, online casino and poker portals, etc now the whole process has gone further and there are laws in the making about punishing those who have gambling related links on their sites, or those who post online sports betting or gambling related links in other sites.


Now, a Price Per Head shops are not a sportsbook, it is a way to help sports bookmakers outsource their wagering business, and their way of doing so is by providing the best service a bookmaking agent can possibly need, they can be described as multi-tasking consultants available 24/7.

With great Price Per Head companies resurfacing and many new options available for even more competitive price per head fees, and with so many restrictions within the bookmaking industry in general, privacy is what every single bookmaking agent is looking for. A sports betting agent’s customers might be quite pleased to know that they can bet all they want and that their information is safe.

A Price Per Head call center is a true alternative: I am a life-long gambler and my personal barroom bookie in New York started working with PPH shops a while ago. I honestly thought that he was wasting his cash at first, but then I just remembered when he had just a small number of sports betting clients, and how he’s become one of the most well known bookies in the area.

So, before you make a final decision about going solo with your sports betting bookie business, check out all options that the different Price Per Head services over the internet offer and it might be the best decission you can possibly take regarding your sports bookmaking operation.


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on September 12, 2008.

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