The sin of a man, the bless of another


I am constantly up to bet NFL football, but last year something really interesting happened, as the Patriots were playing the Steelers, and for some odd reasons I didn’t have the chance to place my regular NFL football bets.


Since the day before I was planning on taking the Steelers when everybody was more willing to take New England, and I gave my advice to the people that pays me for doing so… Sadly, I could not get a hold of my NFL football betting phone line as I had to travel to the country urgently and was deep inside the forest so my cell didn’t have a signal.


Then I went to a local small pub near from where I was staying and to my luck, a good friend of mine was there too! When I got to talk to him I realized he was with a woman that wasn’t his wife, when he looked at me, his face turned red, he immediately grabbed me by the hand with concern.


He told me that he was willing to pay me as much as I wanted to so I would stay shut regarding his female companion. I wasn’t even planning to tell anybody anything on that matter, but since I knew I had missed my chance to place my NFL Sports bets, I asked him for the laptop on his table, and to my surprise it had good internet connection.


I finally managed to get my football bets in, and as expected, the Steelers won that game and I felt like the luckiest man on earth as I realized that it was destiny playing on my team…

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~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on August 13, 2008.

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