How I became a successful bettor


I don’t even remember too well how my life was before I got closer to NFL football betting


Well, I am still the same type of person, as my good mood has never left me, but the continuous struggle for becoming a successful man has being growing inside of me since I can recall.


That is what pushed me to learn everything about NFL gambling, so I started reading intensively on the subject, paying attention to every single detail, I went and placed phony bets over the internet, at home and everywhere, trying to become the best I could before I went and spend some real cash.


I must say that parlays have become my daily partners, as I get a lot more money and risk less when I place, lets say… a 5 team parlay. For some reason luck is on my side and when it comes to bet NFL football, I am always on top of the pro football game, figuring out what the condition of every single player is in the starting roster of both teams. I even try to look for information on their current personal life status in order to see if they are going to the field with emotional problems – I mean, we are talking money here, and if a player’s dog died the day before the game, it is possible that he will not be performing at his best – and so I am very careful with where I put my money.


So far it has been a great run, I have a great house, a couple of 4×4’s, and other stuff that doesn’t bring happiness, but it truly helps me achieve it.


I wanted to share this story with everyone as I know there are a lot of people out there with the potential to make a living from wagering on NFL, and I hope this short set of memories can give you the impulse you needed to bet NFL football and win big cash… good luck!


By the way… I am a Raiders fan, though, I don’t expect them to have a good season this time, so when you see Oakland playing, always bet their rival, easy cash!

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~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on August 13, 2008.

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