Favre at the Jets: First Penalty Lap


No one is immune to penalties during practice, not even Brett Favre. NFL’s new quarterback for the New York Jets got his first penalty lap this past Sunday August 10th while training with his new team when he fumbled a snap from Nick Mangold.


According to Favre’s declarations he does not feel this as punishment: “”It’s more of a team unity thing. Nick and I ran it. I told Eric, Day 1, that unless I pass out, I am going to try to do everything that everyone else does.” Proving he still carries that NFL spirit along and showing he is willing to go through with anything that comes along. He says he does not feel any different from any other players besides the age difference.


A video with the disciplinary jog was posted on the internet only an hour after it happen and it already had 200 hits. NFL season is becoming more and more interesting as days go by and apparently people are more eager for it than we expected.


In this case, Mangold worked mostly with Kellen Clemens and Chad Pennington during his first two NFL seasons, and of course both of them need to get used working with each other. Favre’s first NFL practice was on August 9th and drew 10,500 fans, double what the team usually attracts for a Sunday morning practice. Jets coach has been taking all the fuzz with humor and even joked about all the media coverage giving a report on Brett Favre’s breakfast. 


The official NFL season will not start for a couple of more weeks. Fans are expecting that this many other important trades of season pay up and bring good games to their teams. For the moment everyone seems to enjoy NFL training camps and practices.

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~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on August 12, 2008.

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