Bookies looking for Price Per Head Solutions this NFL season

As the world moves forward, the gambling industry moves with it, and so whether you are a local guy or the barroom sports bookmaker nowadays is harder than a few years before, since competition is tougher, and offering the best possible client attention has become essential.

Lack of time is a factor that every bookmaking agent has written at the top of their own private agendas, that is why price per head shops have come as a solution to relieve that problem.

Pay per head shops are offshore call centers that specialize in providing assistance with every single aspect of a bookmaker’s sportsbetting operation. This helps you establish a personalized relationship with each one of their clients.

Price per head solutions can offer you quality and efficiency delivered by a team of professional sports betting support clerks and bookmaking aces with many years of experience in the sports betting management industry. To top it off, a few reputable companies like will offer you a cheap pay per head fee…STARTING AT JUST $18*

If you are a sports betting bookie looking for a wagering call center service offshore then I say go for this option. Whenever you join a price per head service, your life will take a turn in the right direction: you will finally have more opportunities to enjoy your family and the activities of your preference, leaving the heavy aspects of running a sportsbetting business to us.

Price per head shops offer you access to a user-friendly bookie software that gives you a series of reports so you can keep an eye on the action of each one of your clients and set limits, close or open accounts, etc.

Besides offering, cheap Price Per Head Services starting at $18 fee most pph programs have other betting solutions available such as online casino games that you can feature as part of your gambling operation in order to offer more and perceive extra dividends from your customers.

Since this trend began, only a few solid shops remain. Those that specialize in running exclusively pay per head programs have clients that have stayed constant and happy, mostly because they have realized that the kind of service these pph shops provide to bookies and their players.

If you want more info, give them a call at 1-866-774-5202 (that’s 1-866-PPH-5202) and tell them your buddy from the sports blog referred you. I’m sure they’ll treat you well 😉

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~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on August 10, 2008.

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