Stolen wallets turn into airplane and Superbowl tickets

Here’s a little story about what happened back on 2003 when I traveled to Reno with a few friends…


We are all-time fans of NFL football, and the purpose of traveling to Nevada was to try our luck with some NFL sports wagering, but as we stopped for gasoline at a small town before Reno, Ed, one of my friends, for some reason decided to stay there and not going with us. He didn’t say why, just took his backpack from my truck and waved his hand with a goodbye gesture.


Finally when we reached the city, we realized out wallets were missing, and right there we knew Ed had played us, as he was well-known from suffering of kleptomania.


Well, we got some money wired and decided to try our luck on some NFL football games. To our surprise, Ed was at the same sportsbook we hit that night, and when he spotted us, he looked truly calmed; no anxiety, no sweaty palms…


He actually had a smile on his face, and walked to where we were sitting at, as he saw us, he returned all the wallets and asked for some champagne for everyone, we were kind of ecstatic as he asked for a $450 dollar bottle, truly not our regular boozing choice.


He told us to check inside our wallets, and each found a ticket for Superbowl XXXVIII, aparently he’d made a ton of money as he bet NFL football a few nights before we headed from Cali to Nevada, so the real purpose of taking our wallets was to get our ID’s in order to buy the airplane tickets under each one’s name.


Soon we were partying and celebrating; we made some good NFL football bets, won some good cash and flew from Nevada to Texas for the game, which the Patriots won 32 to 29 against the Panthers.


I have to say that being at Reliant Stadium for such an outstanding NFL football game, is still one the best memories of my life, and all thanks to our good buddy Ed, who called from the stadium to bet the Panthers as underdogs and won big time again….


Next we knew is that our wallets were missing again, and when we got them back there was a ticket for Hawaii and a ticket for the Pro-Bowl



Thanks for stealing our wallets, Ed!

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~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on August 9, 2008.

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