An NFL football fan story about stadiums and the Steelers

An NFL football fan story about stadiums and the Steelers


I am a long time fan of NFL football, and what I enjoy the most is to visit football fields (oh and of course, wagering too).


When I am ready to visit a football field, I start thinking of all the classic games played there, the football championship parties, the fans cheering their team, the booing of the rival teams, the half time shows, the adrenaline running while a runner back goes into the rival’s deep zone, and many other memorable things that makes me proud of being an NFL football fan.


But there is something that I enjoy the most, and that is to place bets while I am watching the game live. When I call my bookie I can hear all the rush in the NFL sports call center, as me and thousands are rushing to get the best NFL sports line.


Before the NFL football game stars, first quarter, second, half time, third quarter and fourth, I try to place a good bet every time I can, and when I watch the play that is paying me big bucks, I celebrate with my friends by drinking a beer and placing one more bet.


I am a Steelers fan, and have met Big Ben, and a couple of other all-stars from the team, which brings me closer to believe that every single Steelers fan is just another member of the franchise.


I think Pittsburgh will have a great 08/09 NFL season, and as usual, I have my yearly pass to assist to every single game, by the way I am already betting an NFL football future for the Steelers to win the AFC, and well… Super Bowl time…

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~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on August 7, 2008.

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