NFL football teams – Love your team this 2008-2009 NFL Season


If you’re a true NFL games fan like me, then you’ll call the team your own and you’ll use “we” as if you had been sweating your behind in the field with the rest of “the guys” although you very well know that -under your current physical state- you would probably last 2 min. alive trying to keep up with the players’ pace and I’m talking on any football team within the NFL network.


Regardless of the fact that people don’t pay hundreds of dollars in SuperBowl tickets just to see us play, that there is no NFL jersey with out name on it, in spite of the fact that we are or not traded for millions of dollars or sponsored by fancy brands, “WE”  as a collective win with our team, and “WE” also lose with them.


We’ll do what we gotta do to get cheap nfl tickets and yes, we’re aware that the price for any penn state football game tickets, any alabama football tickets or Ohio state football tickets can pretty much pay for medical insurance, but we owe it to our NFL football team. 


We’d never boo your team even if you know it is sucking. Ok we’d be cranky, we’d be pissed, we’d be a bit embarrassed and we certainly wouldn’t want to go to work on Monday and take  the tease of our co-workers but… we will stay strong till the last minute and find just that right thing to blame it on: some injury, the weather or that useless coach they traded from another team. That guy should be retired by now.


We will root for your team even if it means making absolute clowns of ourselves in the worst possible outfits; but I ask you? Is there shame on exposing our beer belly and writing our players’ number all over the only part of it that’s not hairy? Is it a sin to paint our face with the colors of our team even if the paint we used has proven to be carcinogenic in lab rats? Can’t a man yell and scream and spit all at the same time from every pore of his body when “our guy” that same QB that never lets us down scores that final touchdown? Yes, my fellow man, I say that man can!


Our love for our NFL football team goes to the extent that we firmly believe you should be part of some sort of secret club or organization for professional sports fans. We deserve it. We buy anything we can get our hands on as long as it has something related to our team in it: An ad reads NFL tickets for sale? We’ll get’em. NFL Hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, videos, cards, magazines, books, memorabilia or even toilet paper. If they sell something original that represents or resembles my teams’ colors or symbols in the slightest way- and I can wear it for my Sunday NFL football game then I need to have it- and this is not going overboard or being compulsive. It is my duty –and yours- as a fan.


So don’t let anything or anyone run on your parade. NFL football season 2008-2009 is coming man and we’re right here with you!


~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on July 29, 2008.

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