The Cheerleaders of the NFL

The Cheerleaders of the NFL


One of the most entertaining attractions during any half time show of an NFL game is of course the hot and talented NFL cheerleaders. These wonderful ladies are not picked randomly and there is a very detailed process behind it.


The first known cheerleaders on the NFL history were established during the 1960’s when the Baltimore Colts (now the Indianapolis Colts) formed their own squad. Cheerleading was nothing like it is nowadays, especially after the Dallas Cowboys came up with their very well thought out cheerleading squad including their very revealing outfits and elaborated dance routines; after this, NFL cheerleading squads became a must for NFL teams.


The first cheerleaders seen during NFL games were actually regular models parading around on the sidelines during the game, yet since they did not have the training or athletic skills to endure the heat they could not provide a high class performance. The Dallas Cowboys manager came up with the very impressive concept of selecting cheerleaders based on their dancing skills, looks and charisma. The first time these ladies highlighted the NFL stages was during Super Bowl X.


After the Cowboys came up with these interesting performances, perfectly created to increase their team’s exposure to the public and media many other NFL teams came up with their own cheerleading squad, taking into consideration the detailed formula developed by the Dallas Cowboys.


The NFL cheerleaders are not only sophisticated performers: nowadays the NFL cheerleaders are not just dancers on the field but also participate off the field to heighten the public image of the NFL teams.

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