Cheap NFL football tickets – 10 ways to get cheap NFL football tickets

Cheap NFL football tickets – 10 ways to get cheap NFL football tickets



To squeeze all the possible juice out of your bucks, to get you good enough seats and make it possible for you to still watch the game live, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 ways in which you can get the best NFL season 2008-2009 cheap football tickets for sale:



1.       StubHub: After asking different NFL fans, the majority of ticket buyers agreed on  as their #1 option for discount nfl football tickets. Users mentioned they could not only find cheap NFL football tickets for this NFL season 2008-2009 but they said they could also get hard-to-find tickets and almost everything there is: NBA, MLS, MLB, NHL, even college games and concerts. Other features worth mentioning include that tickets are guaranteed and that you can do the whole thing online. We found pricing considering they provide a good service.

2.       Ebay Auction: I don’t think is necessary to describe or praise Ebay. Everyone in the world knows it. The only problem here is the chance of buying bogus cheap nfl football tickets. To avoid this from happening you can make sure you’re dealing with someone reputable by taking the time to check if the seller has a positive feedback rating from previous transactions. Also, if you’re using PayPal you can also opt for the PayPal Buyer Protection feature. Ebay’s website advises: “Carefully review feedback left from past transactions, as eBay’s Community is generally very responsible, honest and self-regulating”.

3.       Craigslist: We’ve heard the good, the bad and the ugly. Buying cheap NFL football tickets for the most popular NFL teams through CL can be difficult but for the daring, you can get one-of-a-kind type of deals. Remember that descriptions sometimes can be deceitful and even though there are not many words that can describe a discount nfl football ticket I recommend contacting the seller and making questions (even silly ones) before making any decisions, just to test this person a bit. Unlike Ebay, on CL you’re basically on your own. If you went for some Dallas Cowboys tickets and came back empty handed it is your sole responsibility.

4.       Buy NFL football game tickets from a friend: You’re probably thinking “Well If my friends had a spare ticket I would’ve known by now don’t you think?. If they wanted to sell it I would’ve known as well right…? Or maybe not. Just let your friends (the ones you know that  enjoy sports that you’re looking for some cheap NFL football tickets and if they had any spare ones or they knew someone at work who might be selling their NFL football tickets, then it is you who can become that buyer. Believe in word of mouth.

5.       Try you local paper classifieds and the bulletin boards at local supermarkets:  Bulletin boards can be an affordable and effective way for advertising things like Discount nfl football tickets.  If you look in the classifieds section of the newspaper, there is usually a section devoted to entertainment which is where you can find offers for “left over” NFL tickets being sold at face price just so brokers can get their investment back. These are great opportunities for cheap football tickets.

6.       Sports forums and website contests: Fellow forum members may be selling discount nfl football game tickets by posting an ad on the Buy/Sale area of the forum. You could also simply enter a contest in which NFL tickets are being given away. For example:


For 2007 Super Bowl, this one website gave away tickets along with other sports memorabilia:


Our friends at AZSportsHub paid out $100 bucks in merchandise to the winner of their Super Bowl contest last year:


Finally, even financial institutions caught up to the hype: turns out if you applied for this Bank of America card and you accumulated at least 200,000 points you got FREE Super Bowl Tickets!


7.       Your local scalper: Or to call them in a more friendly way your “ticket broker” or just that guy with a few extra tickets to sell. People I know personally that have taken the scalper route by looking outside the stadium (ideally 5-10 mins after-kickoff) usually have had really good luck with scalpers in buying NFL football tickets. Now, let’s be real: you’re taking a 50/50 chance: your precious discount NFL tickets simply may not be legitimate. What to do in this situation? I read the following in a forum “I make the scalper wait with me while one person out of my group (of three) went in to the stadium, thus confirming the tickets are legit. I’ve done this numerous times with no problem. I just show the guy the cash, and tell him I’ll pay him for all three tickets once the first person gets into the stadium.” Sounds like the saftest method to me. If you’re able to pull this off it is almost guaranteed this is the cheapest way to get your tickets.

8.       Ticketmaster: It has been around for ages and it has a reputable name so although we have them on the bottom because of their pricing (it is not the most competitive) it is still a trusted source for NFL teams football game tickets. If you sign up they also provide you with alerts for when any team’s tickets goes on sale.

9.       Your own NFL teams’ website or box office. You can contact your NFL football team through their phone number, email or internet and if you’re lucky enough maybe you can get discount NFL network tickets that way.

10.   Last but not least, a good friend of mine recommended TicketsNow which I haven’t tried personally yet but if someone out there has tried their service, please drop me a line or two:



The clock is ticking: the nfl games schedule is out and the best NFL football and super bowl tickets are about to go on sale so now that you have all the inside info,  don’t let all the other fans catch you off guard: you can always purchase the best deals and get yourself some cheap NFL football tickets online with the previous tips so you’re never left out.

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  1. I have used both ticketliquidator and ticket zoom with success. they tend to have even lower fees than stub hub. the thing is, there are about 10 websites all selling the same seats and they all vary prices for different games, so to get the absolute best price you should check them all and take the sale as far as you have to to get the total price including fees and shipping.

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