What are fans expecting for the NFL 2008?


Right now we are only a month away from the NFL to start and the fans are starting to get crazy: NFL rumors, possible surprises and a whole bunch of high expectations for some of the pro football teams are definitely getting stronger everyday.


The Green Bay Packers for instance, have an awesome set of fans, yet they have not won the Super Bowl since 1997, that is over 10 years and the fans feel it is time for them to take the price home.


The Dallas Cowboys, AKA “America’s Team” maybe a strong opponent, one fun fact to mentions just to create expectation is the fact that the Cowboys have met three times during three different NFL Super bowl matches and the last time the Cowboys beat them, also it was the last time we saw the Cowboys playing in the Super Bowl. Although it was long time ago, it would be nice to check a rematch: Dallas needs to beat them just to be fair.


The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots last year in a very close match; New England fans were left eager for the trophy and the players should feel the need to give them what they want, so they will want to play a very diligent and strong season.


On August 3rd, NFL fans will be busy watching the first game of the preseason: Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Redskins in the annual NFL Hall of Fame Game. During this weekend two of the greatest players in their history: cornerback Darrell Green and wide receiver Art Monk will be joining the class of 2008 at the Hall induction ceremonies.


It is quite early to pick favorites, yet I know that some of you have already come up with you own choices, NFL has been America’s favorite sport for a while now and  well, betting odds should start coming up on the next few weeks. Good luck to everyone and make sure you pick your own favorites wisely.




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~ by Pay Per Head Sportsbook on July 16, 2008.

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