The History of American Football: NCAA

The History of American Football: NCAA


American football on the early ages, before it became the huge success it is now with the NFL started as one of the many divergences that came out of the traditional English Rugby. It was first instituted by Walter Camp in the 19th century; Walter Camp is considered nowadays, the “Father of American Football” when he added the line of scrimmage and of down-and-distance rules to the game; although the main origins of the game were tracked down to 1892, with William “Pudge” Heffelfinger’s $500 contract to play in a game for the Allegheny Athletic Association against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club.


The American Football Association was formed later in 1920 and changed its name to National Football League (NFL) two years later. The standardization of the game began occurring on October 19, 1873 when representatives from Yale, Columbia, Princeton, and Rutgers met at the Fifth Avenue Hotel in New York City and started to codify the first set of intercollegiate football rules. The first game played under this rules and regulations was played on May 14, 1874, the rules were called the “Boston” rules, and it was won by Harvard.


College football expanded greatly during the last two decades of the 19th century. By the 1880’s, only 8 universities fielded intercollegiate teams, yet the liking for the game increased and by 1900, the number had expanded to 43 universities.


Later on, in the early 1930’s the game continued to grow even more, bolstered by fierce rivalries and several major modern college football conferences rose to prominence during this time period. Because of its popularity, after the 1930’s four new bowl games were created: the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, the Sun Bowl in 1935, and the Cotton Bowl in 1937. Since there was no national championship back then, the final version of the AP poll was used to determine who was crowned the national champion.


The NFL as the main attraction in American Football came later on, although by the 1925 it already had 25 teams listed and a rival league known as the American Football League.

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